About Us

WYSE Exclusive (S) Pte Ltd was established in 1997 and had since gained recognition as a garment accessories supplier. Our success is a result of our valued clients’ confidence and trust, both of which have been fostered and strengthened over years of partnership and co-operation.

In an effort to provide a more comprehensive distribution network to facilitate shipment to our
customers’ preferred destinations, WYSE Exclusive (HK) Ltd was set up in 2004. Furthermore, the Hong Kong branch also allows certain cost cutting measures to be implemented from our clients’ logistics perspective.

In Year 2013, WYSE Korea was established in Seoul to cater to our fast expanding clientele in South Korea. With the presence of our overseas offices, we can react and better serve our clients’ in a more efficient and timely manner to adapt to the fast changing market requirements due to global demands in environmental and humanitarian aspects.

Through the strong support and confidence established with our valued clients, we are motivated to set up our Zipper, Tape Weaving and Metal factories with a total workforce of 300 employees in Shenzhen and Huizhou City located in Peoples’ Republic Of China respectively. This is to further enhance our clients’ confidence and trust in WYSE Exclusive by providing high quality products in accordance to global governance on safety standards, environment requirements and humanitarian

WYSE Exclusive adopts a unique system, where we produce and offer alternative trim accessories without compromising price and quality. This system effectively gives us a competitive edge over the speed and punctuality of our shipments, ensuring that our valued clients received our products in the shortest possible time.